Proteome of the nervous system after
morphine administration

About us

Our database was created to facilitate searching for the proteins regulated by morphine administration. Up to date (November 2017) 29 different articles considering morphine influence on the proteome of the nervous system was published. In our database protein accession numbers from all of those articles were standardized in Swiss-Prot format, so it is possible to check if particular protein was regulated by morphine administration in certain studies.

By creating our database we indicated 272 out of 1318 proteins, which were found several times in different proteomic study. Combining the information about the number of published studies in with certain protein was mentioned, with the knowledge of additional experiments, which confirmed that fact, we created a ranking of most trustful proteins. Using STRING and KEGG database we were able to ascribe certain protein to certain proteomics pathways and indicate those, which are taking part in morphine addiction process. So now it is time to study indicated proteins and pathways in detail, to wider our knowledge about morphine in detail and drug addiction in particular.